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PB Marketing International LLC is the exclusive agent of Promosalons in the USA. Promosalons is the well-known Paris based network of (mostly French) trade show organizers, which helps French trade show organizers to market their events to prospective exhibitors and to promote trade visitors' attendance. Promosalons, a not for profit organization has some 60+ offices around the world. Most French trade shows are represented abroad by Promosalons.Among those: the leading home décor and home furnishing trade show Maison & Objet (www.maison-objet.com), the lingerie and swimwear exhibition Mode City (www.mode-city.com), the Paris Air Show (www.paris-airshow.com) and the bakery and pastry-making equipment show Europain (www.europain.com) to name only a few. See www.promosalons.com for details.


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